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mayfield falls


Some say the fountain of youth is a myth.Come experience the Reality River Walk At Mayfield Falls.This tour is exclusive to Junior Campbell. For the most exciting tours in Jamaica Call 876-971-4814 or Cell 876-776-7305

Once upon a time, these spectacular woods and waters were inhabited by the peaceful Tauna Arwaak natives who lived in harmony with earth, sea and sky. They were followed by 16th century spanish conquistadors who returned to these same hills to seek rejuvenation from its bountiful waterfalls and effervescent mineral springs. Today this legacy lives on.

The extraordinary waterfalls and streams of the River Walk cascade endlessly as you journey through one of the best waterscapes in Jamaica, complete with a bamboo village and bar. Our bike route glides down with no peddling through the lush Jamaican countryside overlooking panoramic views of the Caribbean. More than one dozen water falls and a natural Jacuzzi invites "river walkers" to wash away the stress of civilization. Our guides, all native of the region, love to share nature's secrets throughout your magical day. Free orientations in the " Rasta" culture, use of healthy herbs and adventure trails, by land and river way, are among the wonders that await

When our group first reached the top, I wasn't so sure - but once I got on the bike, I was amazed it was so easy - just gliding downhill - taking in awesome mountain vistas along the way. The guides were so friendly and fun - always making everyone feel special and confident, too!

That was only the beginning. Soon, after switching to swim gear, we walked a water bridge into Mayfield's incredible Bamboo Village. It felt like we were discovering a brand new world! Who'd have thought that doing a river walk could be so thrilling?!

I climbed fantastic waterfalls and swam in an underwater cave! It was so "irie", just letting go with the flow to float in marvelous, bubbly springs. They call them a natural Jacuzzi, but it felt more like a million magic fingers massaged me from head to toe and…oh, just wait 'til you see my pictures! I even made a new friend who's a real Rasta, too.

The entire Jamaican crew always seemed to know just what we needed - right down to the sensational native feast we were served to cap off our adventure. Just had to let you know there really is a fountain of youth - and I'm sure glad we found it!

We would love to thank our special guests Mona, Matthew and Michael Nowak from Vancouver Canada and Andy Digate from Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin,USA. for sharing their day with us at The River Walk at Mayfield Falls
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For more information about this exciting tour e-mail us or call Junior Campbell at 876-971-4814 or Cell 876-776-7305.OR Call Michael Stroddart: at 876-952-3391, Mobile 876-711-4760, Fax 876-940-4026. For a wonderful and safe place to stay while in Jamaica I suggest calling Hazel Dalley at (876)952-3391. Tell her Mona & Michael said to call. We hope you love this place as much as we do.
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